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Saturday, August 18, 2018
Kitchen Flat Packs Steps - 2. Design

Basic steps. Click below links to view more information.

1.  Measure

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3.  Selection 
4.  Order and delivery
5.  Installation 




Cabinet options
There are many different cabinets to suit different kitchen styles, including kitchen cabinets for floor, wall, corner, shelving, display, broom, pantry, appliance, range hood and fridge units. Click here for standard cabinet options; however cabinets can be cut to size to suit any requirement.

Layout of cabinets, drawers and cupboards
Some simple tips are to keep drawers away from corners to avoid clashing or hitting. Allow adequate ventilation around ovens and fridges and ensure that cabinets are not in the way of gas fittings, power points or windows.

Allow room for and incorporate kitchen appliances into the kitchen design. Include the sink, pantry, fridge, cook top and range hood, oven, dishwasher and microwave and possibly a hot water unit.

Know the sizes of all appliances before starting, in addition to the installation requirements and manufacturers specifications for each appliance and what clearance each appliance may need.

Water, power and gas
Consider the position of the power and water supply. Where possible keep their existing positions of power points, hot water systems, pipes & plumbing and if applicable gas connections. This may avoid additional expenses of requiring a licensed plumber and/or electrician to move fixtures, gas lines or install new fuses.

Kitchen Shapes
For more information on the various kitchen shapes/styles, click here.

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