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Saturday, August 18, 2018


Boat dash board made with Marine Plywood  Marine Plywood A Grade Veneer Face  Boat hull made of Marine Plywood and motor


Many Australians grow up with the belief that Marine Plywood is a ‘special’ product made with secret adhesives that make it virtually indestructible. This is an urban myth.

The adhesive (glue) that is used to bond the veneers of Marine Plywood together is the same as any other structural plywood that is manufactured in Australia.

What is Marine Plywood and why is it so expensive?

A boat travelling through water is subject to plate action from waves and floating debris. Marine Plywood is designed to absorb these forces due to the fact that this plywood is the closest to solid wood. In fact it is better than solid wood with defects having been graded out.

Marine plywood is manufactured using the highest quality grade of veneers.  These veneers don’t have defects and thereby eliminate core gaps when the sheet is cut. These veneers are not available in volume compared to lower grades.

As these high grade veneers are used in every layer, marine plywood is dearer than other grades such as structural plywood.

Bond: Type “A” (Phenol Formaldehyde)
Face Grade: Manufactured with “A” grade veneers on both faces.

Click here for more about plywood veneer face grades.


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