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Saturday, August 18, 2018
Kitchen Flat Packs Steps - 3. Selection

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1.  Measure
2.  Design

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4.  Order and delivery
5.  Installation 




Cabinet selection
Standard cabinet features include cabinets being manufactured with a 16mm MR (Moisture Resistant) White Melamine Particleboard and a 1mm ABS edge, improving impact resistance. A combination of standard and custom cabinet sizes can be selected for your kitchen.

Bench tops, doors, drawer fronts and handles are supplied separately to the flat pack kitchen.

Colour and finish
Mister Ply&Wood can supply a kitchen bench top to a customised size. When selecting a bench top, consider colour, finish and profile. Common bench top finishes include timber, stainless steel and laminate. Common bench top profiles available are square, bevel and bull nose.

Kitchen doors
There is a large variety of colours available for bench tops as well as doors, drawers and handles, splash backs and kick boards. Visit your local Mister Ply&Wood store for colour swatches. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and budget.

Many different types of kitchen accessories are available to organise your kitchen and utilise cupboard and cabinet spaces.

For more kitchen accessory options, click here.

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