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Kitchen Shapes

Kitchens can be traditional, contemporary, modern or classic. There are different shaped kitchens but the main three alternatives are L-shaped, U-shaped and Galley. 

It all comes down to criteria such as size of room, family requirements and budget.  

An L-shaped kitchen is a standard kitchen layout. It is easy to work in and usually works best in larger spaces. The food preparation areas being the sink, stove and fridge are convenient to access even with two people in the kitchen. 

A large L-shaped kitchen can also be combined with an island or a dining table. Corner cupboards can be fitted with kitchen accessories like a lazy susan, to maximise storage space. L-shaped kitchens usually provide more floor space than a U-Shape or Galley Kitchen.   

A U-shaped kitchen provides an efficient working area between the sink, stove and fridge. Distances between the three are evenly distributed to maximise the use of space for cooking and storage. 

Plenty of work space also allows two people to work together in the kitchen easily. A U-shaped kitchen works best in a large room, and you need to ensure the opposite rows of cabinets and appliances can be opened without hitting each other.   

A galley kitchen is similar to a U-shaped kitchen but without the "link" to join the rows. A galley kitchen requires less space and is most suitable for small and narrow spaces. This type of kitchen would be cramped with two people working at the same time. 

Like a U-shaped kitchen, a galley kitchen requires enough space between the opposite rows to work efficiently. If possible, a galley kitchen should not be used in a major corridor or walk way within the house as it can get quite busy during food preparation.