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How to complete your kitchen makeover

A kitchen make over is simply replacing the existing doors, drawers, end panels and  bench top while still using the existing kitchen cabinets - to give your kitchen a new look while avoiding a costly full kitchen renovation.

Things to consider before starting
Consider the structural soundness of your existing kitchen before commencing the project, including how heavy the existing bench top is compared to the new bench top. Most kitchen cabinets are made up of carcasses (units)  and cupboard and drawer fronts. The cabinet carcasses need to be in good condition. Consider if the cabinets are square and level so that the bench top is correctly aligned and doors sit at the correct height.


Safety first when renovating your kitchenSafety first when renovating your kitchenRemember safety first. Never attempt to undertake electrical or plumbing work yourself. All electrical and plumbing work must be carried out by a licensed Electrician or Plumber.

Accurate kitchen measurements are critical to the success of the kitchen make overMeasure
You will need a measuring tape, pencil and calculator. Measure the existing bench top. Make sure measurements are accurate and make reference to position and size of the sink. Are you keeping the existing sink or getting a new sink? Do the same for measuring the doors and drawer fronts.
Double check your measurements. 

Benchtops and kitchen doors are manufactured using your measurements.
Accurate kitchen measurements are critical to the success of the kitchen make over.

Bench top selection
Mister Ply&Wood can supply a bench top to match the size of the old one. Choose the bench top colour, finish and profile. Some of the more common finishes include Laminate, Granite, Solid Surfaces, Timber and Stainless Steel. Laminated bench tops are a popular choice and Mister Ply&WoodKitchen doors has a wide variety. 

Door selection 
Mister Ply&Wood has a large range of ktichen doors to give your kitchen a professional finish. Door types include melamine square or round edge, Laminate, Vinyl – routered or plain (gloss/matt), 2 pack polyurethane finish, veneer and solid timber. 

Don't forget to select new handles to match the new doors. It is suprising the difference new door handles can make.

As part of your kitchen make over, you can increase storage space as well as organise drawers and cupboards with functional kitchen accessories such as a lazy susan or a pull out pantry.  To view more accessories click here.

Also take into account the existing splashback if there is one. Will the splash back match the new doors and bench tops. If you are measuring the splashback take into account the position of any power points.

New cupboard doors and bench top may out date the flooring. Take into consideration that the flooring may need to be replaced too. Mister Ply&Wood has Formica Laminate flooring available in a wide variety of colours as an economical alternative that is also very easy to install. 

Make sure you have the right tools ready, including door hinges and hardware components before you start. Generally you may need a cordless drill, set square, tape measure and pencil.