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Things to consider before starting

Remember safety first. Never attempt to undertake electrical or plumbing work yourself. All electrical and plumbing work must be carried out by a licensed Electrician or Plumber.

Basic steps
The following are simplified instructions, to be used as a guide. If you are not sure please speak to an experienced cabinet maker at your local Mister Ply&Wood store.

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  1. Measure
  2. Design
  3. Selection
  4. Order and delivery
  5. Installation

Cabinet sizes and options
Kitchen cabinet options    There are standard cabinet sizes, however, a flat pack kitchen can be customised and cut to size so that the cabinets suit the dimensions of your kitchen. 

Most cabinet units can be used in various joinery applications including kitchens, vanities, laundries, studies and built-in cabinetry and wardrobes.

Kitchen make over
A less expensive alternative to a full kitchen renovation is a kitchen make over. This involves keeping the existing kitchen cabinets. You replace old kitchen doors, old drawers and end panels plus the old kitchen bench top with new doors, drawers, end panels and bench top.